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I created this website for the reason that I'm sick and tired of all the lies and crap that is out there on the Internet. I have nothing against Internet Marketeers but at least be honest. Use the products and believe in the products that you advertise rather than looking at them for profit. Finding the best pheromones are easy and simple as long as you get away from sites that give false information. Some sites even claim they have the best pheromones but the product they are selling contains zero pheromones. What's worse is that the colognes and fragrances they are selling smell too powerful and stink like crazy.

I've been an avid pheromone user for 8 years now and have always been searching for pheromone products and for best pheromones that work. I completely believe that pheromone products work. Not all of the pheromone products work though which is the problem. The ones that DON'T work are the expensive products and are highly marketed. So what we get are lots of consumers being scammed and their money being taken away. So the honesty and value of pheromones decreases. Best pheromones for men are all about the ingredients. Do not trust pheromones for men where 100% of the ingredients are a secret.



Here are some of the best pheromones for men that I highly recommend


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1 best pheromones


Alpha 7 can do wonders. It has the highest androstenone concentration that I know of. It works very well which is what matters more. Alpha 7 is definitely worth it. It doesn't have as much negative reactions from women as pure androstenone products. Definitely one of the best pheromones.

Visit site at Alpha 7 Pheromone Cologne or Read more about Alpha 7


best pheromones

best pheromones


Chikara has 10mg of pheromone content in one bottle. It lasts for a long time and it has lots of forum plus customer credibility and feedback. It is a great bang for your buck in terms of pheromone content. One of the best pheromones for men in the market.

Visit site at Chikara Pheromone Cologne or Read more about Chikara


best pheromones

best pheromone


New Pheromone Additive is another heavy androstenone pheromones for men product. A great pheromones for men because it is cheap. It has 2.5mg of pure Androstenone. This is a great pheromone to mix with cologne or other pheromone products. Once you start mixing pheromones, NPA is a must for your arsenal since it is best pheromones for men additive that I know of. This product often gets sold out and I'm not telling you this so you will buy it asap, it just gets sold out fast.

Visit the site at New Pheromone Additive (NPA) or Read more about New Pheromone Additive


4 best pheromone


I do not recommend this if you are in the early 20s but if you are in your 30s, this is a must have. I don't even understand why it works better on older men. Men in their 30s usually attract younger women with this product rather than same age or older women.

Visit the site at Alter Ego Pheromone Cologne or Read more about Alter Ego


5 pheromone


Scent Of Eros is one of the leading pheromone products out in the market. SOE contains androsterone and androstenol. A great pheromone product for intimacy, flirting and being close with women. Definitely one of the best pheromones for men products in the market.

Visit the site at Scent Of Eros Pheromone Cologne or Read more about Scent of Eros






Pheromones for men that are terrible! Products with very little pheromones but claim to be best pheromones to attract women

I have tried a lot of pheromone products and a lot of them sucked so bad that they are downright terrible. Some sites even claim these crap products are the best pheromones. They are highly marketed also which means websites that promote them get a lot of money. People are getting scammed out of their money because of this. These products claim to be the best pheromones and just don't work for me. I sprayed, tested, experimented and drained the whole pheromone bottle in each one of these. So please check the amount of pheromone each product has and what pheromones they have. Always check for the 3 main pheromones - androstenone, androsterone and androstenol. If you are new and want a tutorial to maximize your money's worth or just a simple pheromone guide then check out my how to buy pheromones guide page. If you are new to the pheromone world, then check out my recommendations - pheromones for beginners.




Save Money With Discounts On Combos

Here you can get some discounts if you buy two or more pheromone products together.

1. Chikara Unscented And Alpha 7

2. NPA and APC

3. Alpha 7 + SOE

4. Chikara And The Edge Trust

5. Chikara And SOE




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I've updated some of the pages, and added more content. Visitors can expect more updates and more content in the near future. A note about grammar and spelling mistakes - I've always scored very high on essays in all of my time in school (college and high school) but it is very hard to proofread lots of articles a day so grammar and spelling mistakes are bound to happen.






Best Pheromones Testimonials & Reviews from Love-Scent

Daniel wrote:

"No one commented on me wearing this at first, but then i asked them to sniff my new aftershave (without mentioning what it was).. about 1/2 the women who did so said it made them feel very, very horny but also reminded them of babies for some reason. Get up close and personal and I beleive this stuff works or a least give you a 10-20% edge you didn't have before. The rest is down to you..."

Terrence wrote:

"I have nothing outrageous to report but I have experienced more attention from women when wearing Chikara. Mixing with NPA gets me respect from men as well and women are certainly more flirty. Chikara also smells great. I'd wear it even if it didn't contain pheromones."

AJ wrote:

"I used Chikara a few times now and it really works mostly with younger women, I had to pop into my local store for a few grocerys and was wearing it the attention i got was great loads of hits, I was really Sceptical about this at first but it was worth every penny."

MC wrote:

"i split up with my girlfriend last new year and i was heartbroken.but on friday i bumped into her and I had my usual soe on the reaction off her was very friendly and said she would like to meet up on saturday night. i said ok on the night I wore xcite wipes on hair and soe on neck covered this with joop. I couldnt believe the way say went on she was just a sex machine couldnt leave off me in the seven years ive known her never has she been like this ever. this stuff works im convinced."