Discover The Secrets Why So Many People Buy Human Pheromones

Human Pheromones - What You Need To Know

Ever wonder why so many people are buying human pheromone colognes and products? Do these human pheromones actually work? The simple answer is that they do work, but pheromone world is a haven for scams and products that don't work since human pheromones are not FDA regulated. Don't waste your money! Let me help you find the right human pheromone product for you.



Human Pheromones - Ignorant People Or Reputable Sources?

There are also people who do not believe in pheromones. They either never tried it, bought products that do not work, or just do not notice the effects. I was just like that. I was a pure skeptic until the positive results began happening in front of my eyes. Luckily for us, there are many articles about pheromones from reputable sources saying that they do work.

"Users of pheromones, but not of an inactive control substance, had increased frequency of informal dates, affectionate gestures, sleeping next to a romantic partner, foreplay, and sexual intercourse." - WEBMD

"Study finds proof that humans react to pheromones"

"researchers at the University of Chicago say they have the first proof that humans produce and react to pheromones" - CNN

"A gene that could explain how humans pick up powerful chemical signals called pheromones may have been pinpointed for the first time." - BBC NEWS

So who are you going to believe? People that actually did experiments and scientific studies or people with only opinions?



Look At The Reviews From Real People About Human Pheromones

There are many human pheromone users that believe in the power of pheromones. Everyday, people talk about how human pheromones work for them and how it helped them in their social lives. Just look at these reviews.

Andres wrote:

"I can honestly say that this stuff works. If you aren't cool with dealing with a completely horny female infront of you I suggest you learn how to be... it's sometimes overkill and makes things way to easy to get a girl."

Mohamed wrote about Alter Ego:

"excellent product with a lot of DIHL & sexual hits."

Terrence wrote about Primal Instinct:

"This stuff works but you have to be careful on how much you use. I learned the hard way not to go over one drop and that one drop was small. If you're already the alpha male type or a lone wolf, I would advise not bothering with it at all."



Experience The Power Of Human Pheromones

Here are some of the common benefits of pheromones reported by actual users.


human pheromone More Attraction - attract more people with pheromones
human pheromones Improve your confidence over time. Naturally learn to successfully flirt and talk to women as you gain confidence and self-esteem.
human pheromone cologne Get an extra edge when competing with other males or guys in the room.
human pheromone Turn on your girlfriend or special someone, sexually.
human pheromones Increase the amount of attention you get from the opposite sex.


Those are just some of the common benefits that pheromone users are actually saying. There are even wilder reports like instant primal attraction, wild crazy nights and very hot steamy first impressions.




Discover Some Of The Heavily Concentrated Human Pheromone Products

Here are some of the very best human pheromone colognes that I have ever tried. If you really want to see how powerful pheromones are then you must get some of these products?


Alpha 7 - This human pheromone cologne is one of my favorities. It is very concentrated with lots of androstenone. This product offers 6mg of androstenone, and 1mg of androsterone. This has the highest androstenone concentration that I know of. Definitely a great buy.

NPA - New Pheromone Additive is another androstenone concentrated human pheromone product. I NPA all the time. I often combine it with other normal colognes. It is also great for combining and mixing with other pheromone products.

Chikara - The best selling and hottest pheromone cologne in love-scent. Chikara features a unique blend of pheromones that diminishes negative effects and increases positive effects. A great product to mix with androstenone pheromone colognes like Alpha 7 and NPA.

Alter Ego - Alter ego is very unique. It has lots of androstenol, androsterone and androstenone. The bottle may be small but the contents are a lot. It is hard for me not to get alter ego. I am pretty sure it is the pheromone product responsible for attracting younger females for me.




Still Not Sure Whether You Want To Try Human Pheromones? Well You Should..

You can try pheromones risk free with love-scents 30 day money back guarantee. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the product doesn't work the way they say it would work, then send it back and get all your money back. No questions asked. They will even pay for the standard shipping!

So what are you waiting for? One month from now, you can be the same person you are right now or you can try pheromones risk free and start attracting more people, getting the edge that you need and maybe even improve your social life. The choice is up to you.




Wait.. There Are More

If you are planning on buying multiple pheromone products then it is best to use these combos in order to save money. These savings and discounts will not last forever so act now or act fast.

1. Chikara Unscented And Alpha 7

2. NPA and APC

3. Alpha 7 + SOE

4. Chikara And The Edge Trust

5. Chikara And SOE



More Information About Human Pheromones - 3 Main Pheromone Substance


Androstenone (often abbreviated to None) - Also known as the alpha male pheromone. Gives the wearer the image and aura of being an alpha male. It creates a dominating and aggressive aura that is hard to ignore. In essence it helps you get notice, create a presence and can get attention with very little effort. I suggest wearing your best clothes and some androstenone cologne and go to a social gathering, party or club to test androstenone out. See if women will notice you even if you don't say anything. This is based on reviews and feedbacks but the reports are very positive. This pheromone is also known to increase sexual vibes and sexual tension. Why? Sexual tension is often associated with alpha male.

These two human pheromone products have plenty of androstenone, they are New Pheromone Additive  and Alpha 7.

Putting on too much androstenone often leads to :

  • Headaches
  • Bad smelling applications
  • Aggression from other members of the same sex
  • An aggressive mood in the wearer
  • Members of the opposite sex to be overly intimidated, leading to no or even negative reactions


Androsterone (often abbreviated to Rone) - is another human pheromone. Creates an aura of masculinity and dominance without the aggressiveness of androstenone. This human pheromone also creates an aura of safety, protection and reliability normally associated with a more peaceful alpha male. This human pheromone is great for breaking the ice, starting a conversation, flirting or getting a connection.

These human pheromone products have plenty of androsterone, they are Chikara and Scent Of Eros

Through experimentation, some users have reported that androsterone can enhance or boost the message that other pheromones in a product or pheromone mix are signaling.


Androstenol (often abbreviated to Nol) - Androstenol isn't as popular as the other pheromones. It is because it is very hard to see the effectiveness of androstenol. However it does increase sexual attractiveness to some degree.. Androstenol creates an aura of friendliness, or friendly approachably impression, and can make the wearer seem less intimidating and more approachable.

The primary reported response to Androstenol or Androstenol containing products has been an increase in chattiness and friendliness from both sexes, but as mentioned above it can increase sexual attractiveness as well. It has been referred to as an “ice-breaker” pheromone.

These human pheromone products have plenty of androsterone, they are Chikara and Alter Ego.

Too much androstenol can lead to::

  • Headaches
  • A feeling akin to a kind of drunken tiredness
  • An impression of weakness. In other words, making you appear a lot less alpha


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Testimonials & Reviews from Love-Scent About Human Pheromones

Tim wrote about Chikara:

"Chikara gels packs are excellent. They smell very interesting (at least to me) and the huge majority of girls i've talked to say they like my 'new cologne'. They make initiating conversations much, much easier, and once you do break the ice, it's easier to keep yourself from drowning so to speak. If you have any sort of conversational or social skills what so ever, you will definitely notice an increase in interest levels from women.
Note: I have asked a gay friend of mine what he thinks, and he does not like the smell. If you are trying to pick up guys with this, I do not suggest it. But for women, A+


Nate wrote about NPA:

"Been testing this one for a while now with my girlfriend and the result was this during any makout session or hot steamy night her head was always on the side of my neck that i put the NPA on. last night i used about 3 drops and seemed to get the best reaction she basically burried her nose in my neck where i had placed it and would hardly let off for most the night. i am 100 satisfied with NPA"


Johnny wrote about The Edge:

"I bought some of this stuff and whilst the jury is still out on whether it makes one more attractive to women I would caution users heavily against putting too much on as I was recently quite seriously assaulted by two girls whilst wearing this and heavily suspect that too much of this product was to blame"