Reasons, Arguments And Opinions Why Pheromones Do Not Work

Why I Created This Page - Pheromones Do Not Work!

I'm not going to try and make people believe that pheromones work or do not work. It is really up to you to decide that. To me, pheromones do work but they are far from the instant panty dropper that make girls go crazy that most sites claim them to be. I created this page so that pheromone believers and pheromone doubters can have a place discuss this and also to give out more information about pheromones. Hopefully with enough information, people will be able to make an informative decision on buying pheromones and what to expect.




Pheromones Do Not Work Argument # 1 - Placebo Effect

Placebo effect is very simple to explain. When a girl gets attracted to a guy while he is wearing pheromones, then the guy automatically thinks pheromones are responsible for the attraction. No one can really say for sure that pheromones are responsible for the attraction or played a role in the attraction. The attraction may have happened due to other variables like clothes, muscular body, good looks, great hair, money and etc.

The argument is that pheromones had no role in the process of attraction. People just believe it to be responsible when in reality other variables or things could have sparked the attraction. No one can really prove that pheromones had no role in it but no one can really prove that pheromones had a role in it also.

Placebo effect is basically thinking that pheromones are responsible for an attraction when in reality, it didn't play a role at all.



Argument # 2 - Numbers Mean Everything

The more women you try to pick up, talk to, and etc equals to the more women that gets attracted to you.

Pheromones trigger some sort of confidence boost on a lot of users. Just by thinking that something is helping them creates a boost in confidence. There is something about pheromones that empowers people. Some people believe that this confidence boost makes men or women interact with the opposite sex more. Due to the increase of interaction, there is also an increase in people getting attracted to each other.




Argument # 3 - Blindfold Experiments And Case Studies

There are many blind fold experiments that have been performed. A girl is blind folded and she has to pick the most attractive guy or a guy she is attracted to by using only her nose. She is going to smell a group of men and she has to pick the person that she is most attracted to. The guys with pheromones never wins.

The argument is that if pheromones can attract women by using her nose, then she should be able to pick the guy wearing pheromones. The guy wearing pheromones should be able to transmit his alpha male aura just by scent alone. Since the girl cannot pick the guy with pheromones, then pheromones play no role in attraction.

Here is an example of such an experiment



Arguments Why Pheromones Work

If you would like to see the common arguments why pheromones do work, please go to this page. Whatever people tell you, you will have to decide for yourself whether pheromones can help you on your love life, sex life, and etc. For me, the effects of pheromones are very subtle and most people cannot see it or notice it at all. DIHL type of look is what made me a believer. DIHL means deer caught in head lights. The first couple of times I wear pheromones, some girls just stared at me. DIHL look is hard to explain but it is very easy to notice. You can also read about my do pheromones work page.



Get Free Pheromones To See If They Work Or Not

If you are interested in finding out whether pheromones work or not, you can go to love scent and get some free pheromone packets. These are just what people need to see for themselves whether pheromones work or not.



Testimonials & Reviews from Love-Scent

Vijai wrote about Chikara:

"Ok second review......So the second day I wore the chikara, I approached three women. I must say they were all successful encounters. I ended up talking and giving my contact information to all 3 of them. Thats a good hit ratio 3/3. However the bad news is, none of them ended up calling. But as far as the pick up goes, it works well. I have tried it in combination with other products, which didn't fair well. I have tried a314, and it does what it says it does. I tried another product called instant shine, and all females agree that it smells better than chikara and a314. HOWEVER the best performing product between the 3 that I have tried is Chikara. By far it gives off good impressions to the ladies, and they do have noticeable reactions to the wearer of chikara. I will give this product a 4. I will continue to test, and update you on this product.


PS. I used standard issue lines with all the pick ups. so nothing was vaired other than the use of chikara.

Mohamed wrote about Alter Ego:

"excellent product with a lot of DIHL & sexual hits."

Andres wrote about Alter Ego:

"Awesome stuff, seriously works, so many hits... so little time. Really tho, check it out!"

Barron wrote about Chikara:

"So far Chikara seems to be working quite well for me. Had one incident where an attractive woman appeared to have followed me thru a department store to check me out. Same thing happened in a grocery store a few days later when wearing Chikara. I've tried other pheromone products but Chikara seems to be the one that's working the best for me."