Common Arguments Why Pheromones Work To Attract Women

Why I Created This Page - Pheromones Do Work!

I'm not going to try and make people believe that pheromones work or do not work. It is really up to you to decide that. To me, pheromones do work but they are far from the instant panty dropper that make girls go crazy that most sites claim them to be. I created this page so that pheromone believers and pheromone doubters can have a place discuss this and also to give out more information about pheromones. Hopefully with enough information, people will be able to make an informative decision on buying pheromones and what to expect.



Pheromones Do Work Argument # 1 - Wild Crazy Nights

Sometimes wild nights when going to a club or party happens that can't be explained. Whether girls start fighting over you, or they are the ones trying to impress you, or they are practically begging for you to give them some sugar or attention - these nights are just hard to ignore, and definitely hard to explain. These never in my life happened to me without using pheromones. I'm sure a lot of pheromone users experience something similar which is one of the reasons why we keep buying pheromones.

I can only think that pheromones have something to do with creating these nights since when I don't use pheromones, these things never happen.




Argument # 2 - More Attraction

It is a lot easier for me to flirt with women, make conversations, make a connection, or get their attention if I wear pheromones. A lot of pheromone users are also experiencing something similar. Whether or not this is due to some new found source of confidence, or something not related to pheromones, the simple truth is that it is easier for me and for a lot of people to attract women when using pheromones.

Maybe the cause is something totally unrelated to pheromones or maybe it is all in my mind or in a lot of pheromone users mind, but as long as we are attracting more women, we will continue to believe that pheromones have something to do with them.

There are more attraction going on when I'm wearing pheromones and this is a good enough reason or argument for me to believe that pheromones do work.




Argument # 3 - Scientific Studies And Experiments

There are many scientific proofs and even news coverage that pheromones work. I even saw an experiment on the news where identical twins were used in a singles match making place. They both had same look and same style. The only difference was that one of them is wearing pheromones. Guess who wins? The twin using pheromones got more phone numbers and more dates in the future. There were two experiments. One set of twins were females and one set of twins were males. Both times, the person wearing pheromones received more dates and more people interested in them.

There are many articles from scientific websites, and reputable well known sites saying that pheromones work. Some examples are abcnews, bbcnews, webmd and cnn.




Argument # 4 - More Confidence, Self-Esteem, Etc.

After using pheromones, my confidence, self esteem, and etc just sky rocketed. It is most likely because I was attracting more women. I got more choices and it feels good. Even if a girl breaks up with me, I know that it won't be hard to find another girl to replace her.

All these things just empowers me, and empowers a lot of pheromone users. Whether or not this is caused by pheromones directly or indirectly does not matter. Maybe it is all in my mind and not real, but the simple truth is that I and a lot of other people have better confidence, self esteem and we just feel great about ourselves and it is because of pheromones.

As long as we are getting these benefits, I will always believe that pheromones work.




Argument # 5 - DIHL

DIHL means Deer Caught In Headlights. Ever seen a deer on a highway and this deer is about be hit by a car. They just stare at the lights with big eyes and they do not move. This is what is refered to as DIHL in any pheromone community. When a girl just stares at you for a long time and not move. They are most likely not even aware that they are staring. It is like they are in a trance and their eyes/face is following you while you are walking.

I can understand if I have a booger on my face or something in my face but I don't. DIHL only happens to me when I use androstenone pheromones. DIHL does not happen all the time but it still happens. This is one of the reasons I believe pheromone work simply because I never get this type of stare when I am not using pheromones.



Arguments Why Pheromones Do Not Work

If you would like to see the common arguments why pheromones do not work, please go to this page. Whatever people tell you, you will have to decide for yourself whether pheromones can help you on your love life, sex life, and etc. For me, the effects of pheromones are very subtle and most people cannot see it or notice it at all since most people believe pheromones are instant panty dropping machines that make women go ape like. This is due to scam products relying heavily on hype to sell their products. As long as people have this mindset, it is going to be hard to see how or when pheromones work. You can also read about my do pheromones work page.



Get Free Pheromones To See If They Work Or Not

If you are interested in finding out whether pheromones work or not, you can go to love scent and get some free pheromone packets. These are just what people need to see for themselves whether pheromones work or not.




Testimonials & Reviews from Love-Scent

Vijai wrote about Chikara:

"Ok second review......So the second day I wore the chikara, I approached three women. I must say they were all successful encounters. I ended up talking and giving my contact information to all 3 of them. Thats a good hit ratio 3/3. However the bad news is, none of them ended up calling. But as far as the pick up goes, it works well. I have tried it in combination with other products, which didn't fair well. I have tried a314, and it does what it says it does. I tried another product called instant shine, and all females agree that it smells better than chikara and a314. HOWEVER the best performing product between the 3 that I have tried is Chikara. By far it gives off good impressions to the ladies, and they do have noticeable reactions to the wearer of chikara. I will give this product a 4. I will continue to test, and update you on this product.


PS. I used standard issue lines with all the pick ups. so nothing was vaired other than the use of chikara.

Mohamed wrote about Alter Ego:

"excellent product with a lot of DIHL & sexual hits."

Andres wrote about Alter Ego:

"Awesome stuff, seriously works, so many hits... so little time. Really tho, check it out!"

Barron wrote about Chikara:

"So far Chikara seems to be working quite well for me. Had one incident where an attractive woman appeared to have followed me thru a department store to check me out. Same thing happened in a grocery store a few days later when wearing Chikara. I've tried other pheromone products but Chikara seems to be the one that's working the best for me."