Pheromones For Beginners Or Newbies

Pheromone Product That Is Great For Beginners

The best pheromone for beginners is a pheromone product filled with androstenone. A lot of people will disagree with me since androstenone is very powerful. A very powerful tool needs to have a very experienced owner. I somewhat agree to this statements since androstenone at the wrong hands is known to induce negative effects. The most common negative effects are headaches, irritability, burst of anger from people around you, aggressive mood from the wearer and from people around him and etc. So nobody really want to experience those, right?

Wrong!! Although the negative side effects may sound harsh, I've never really experienced anything dramatic or drastic. A guy may become aggressive towards me due to pheromones but most of the time, he is just somewhat intimidated. He is just annoyed and maybe subconciously trying to protect his miniscule territory.

There are negative side effects to androstenone but there are also positive ones like more sexual tension with women, alpha male aura, more confidence, powerful and dominant aura. These positive effects can lead to a lot of things that will just blow people's minds.



Take The Good With The Bad

If you are new to the pheromone world, your primary objective shouldn't be to attract women or attract the opposite sex. Your primary objective should be to see whether pheromones work or not. Whether pheromones are just scams or they actually help in attraction. So your primary objective is to see whether pheromones can induce a change in behavior with the people around you.

If pheromones can change the behavior of people around you then you know that pheromones work. Attraction is a change in behavior. Same as unexplained irritability, aggression and so forth. Think of it this way, if you drink alcohol, you can get drunk which leads to a change in behavior. It is proven that alcohol can induce a change in behavior. If you wear pheromones, it can attract people, better sex life, aggression from other people and so forth. So if pheromones can induce a change in behavior, then you know that most of what you read in forums, reviews and testimonials are true that pheromones do work.

So by wearing androstenone filled pheromone products, there is a high probability that you will induce either a negative effect or a positive effect. You can induce a change in behavior that can be good or bad. If you manage to induce a change in behavior (whether good or bad) then you know that pheromones have the power to influence what people are feeling and their actions. This knowledge can empower you, since now you know that pheromones actually work. You can start working on mixing pheromones and trying to find the best pheromone combination for your body to induce attraction from the opposite sex.



Best Pheromones For Beginners - Pure Androstenone Products

Here are my recommendations for beginners. These are androstenone products. They have a lot per bottle. I buy these 3 all the time since they are very good for mixing with other pheromone products.


1. Alpha 7 - has the highest concentration of androstenone that I know of. It has 6mg of androstenone and 1 mg of androsterone. If you really want to induce a reaction from people or to know whether pheromones work or not then this is the best product that I highly recommend.


2. New Pheromone Additive - New Pheromone Additive is one of my favorite androstenone products. It is meant to be added to colognes, or to other pheromone products. NPA can also be purchased in a smaller container which makes it very affordable. If I buy Alpha 7, I usually get NPA also.


3. The Edge - This is the pheromone for beginners combo. It features The Edge which is an androstenone product and also an atomizer and a cover scent or cologne. This is a great value and very good if you are new to pheromones.



Mixing Pheromone Products For Optimum Effect

Once you know that pheromone works for you then it is time to tweak it to lessen negative reactions and induce more positive reactions like attraction, alpha male, confidence, and dominant aura. You can check out my pheromone mixing guide to help you know the common combinations that people use. You can also read up on my do pheromones work page for more information.



Common Mistakes By Beginners When Testing Pheromones

Two of the most common mistakes that I know of happens when people are forcing attraction and trying to attract one person. For me, pheromones are meant to attract multiple people. An analogy would be that if you go fishing, you have a net instead of fishing rod. I once know a guy, he doesn't believe in pheromones but he wanted to try it. So we went to a party and women were flirting with him, he was the center of attention, and it may even seem like he is some sort of magnet that attracts people towards him. At the end of the party, I seriously thought he would be a believer and that he will think that pheromones work. Guess what he said to me, "this don't work, I couldn't attract the one girl I really like". My jaw just dropped. In my mind I was like "Aaarrrgh!!! Are you for real?" Two women were extremely attracted to him, people kept looking at him, and it was one of the best party nights he ever had and yet pheromones do not work because one girl wasn't attracted to him. I learned a good lesson that day, I shouldn't try to make people a believer.

"There is no worse blind man than the one who doesn't want to see. There is no worse deaf man than the one who doesn't want to hear. And there is no worse madman than the one who doesn't want to understand."

Forcing attraction is also not good. For example, I'm going to slowly move closer to this girl, let her smell me, and if she isn't attracted, pheromones don't work. This is just so stupid. It is also kind of creepy. Seriously, if pheromones can make panties drop when you want it then it will be considered a date rape drug. Pheromones are tools, you need to know how to use them. If you want to attract someone, you need to put in some effort for it to work. Girls won't just start humping your leg just because you are wearing pheromones.

One last thing, it doesn't matter if the person you are trying to induce a change in behavior is your girlfriend, wife, friend, husband, boyfriend or etc. You just can't force it. I wear pheromone cologne one time and hugged my girlfriend. She actually made a negative comment about my scent. After a week, she kept telling me that my cologne is making her excited and she loves the way I smell. So the thing to keep in mind is that pheromones may not work today, or tomorrow but it doesn't mean it won't work in the next couple of days or weeks and so forth.

For more tips on what to avoid then check out my pheromone mistakes page.



Testimonials & Reviews from Love-Scent

Vijai wrote about Chikara:

"Ok second review......So the second day I wore the chikara, I approached three women. I must say they were all successful encounters. I ended up talking and giving my contact information to all 3 of them. Thats a good hit ratio 3/3. However the bad news is, none of them ended up calling. But as far as the pick up goes, it works well. I have tried it in combination with other products, which didn't fair well. I have tried a314, and it does what it says it does. I tried another product called instant shine, and all females agree that it smells better than chikara and a314. HOWEVER the best performing product between the 3 that I have tried is Chikara. By far it gives off good impressions to the ladies, and they do have noticeable reactions to the wearer of chikara. I will give this product a 4. I will continue to test, and update you on this product.


PS. I used standard issue lines with all the pick ups. so nothing was vaired other than the use of chikara.

Mohamed wrote about Alter Ego:

"excellent product with a lot of DIHL & sexual hits."

Terrence wrote:

"If you're looking for more sexual responses from women I'd say NPA is the one to wear. It doesn't smell too good on its own so I recommend wearing a good cover scent. A dab on each side of the neck and each wrist and that's enough for me. I then spray some cologne over it. Women get flirty and the guys get more respectful. I've worn it around a woman I've been involved with for a couple of years now and she's always more sexually aggressive when I wear some NPA. It's that simple."

Barron wrote about Chikara:

"So far Chikara seems to be working quite well for me. Had one incident where an attractive woman appeared to have followed me thru a department store to check me out. Same thing happened in a grocery store a few days later when wearing Chikara. I've tried other pheromone products but Chikara seems to be the one that's working the best for me."