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Androstenol is another pheromone substance that is very expensive. It cost around $90 per 10mg worth in a bottle. This is really a very small bottle. The real question in everyone's mind, is androstenol very effective? I can tell you the short answer which is yes but this answer holds no value whatsoever without any explanation. This is another favorite of mine and I often use it to combine without other pheromone products.



Why Is A Tiny Bottle So Expensive

Androstenol is a human pheromone that is found in our sweat especially in males. I've heard reports that men excrete lots of this pheromone after sex which makes couples enjoy cuddling each other. Although, I've never seen any scientific journal or experiments that prove this statement. But for some reason it makes a lot of sense to me. So the things that happen after mating like cuddling, talking and intimacy can be reproduced by wearing this pheromone while going out on a date or flirting.

The effects of androstenol are very subtle though. They are even more subtle than androstenone. But we are at the point that if there is something that can create an atmosphere of intimacy or help in intimacy then we will take it. When I think about it, why is it that a lot of people like to cuddle and talk after doing the deed. There has got to be something in the air or something that is making people do it, right?



What Are The Positive Aspects Or Benefits Of This Pheromone?

This pheromone creates a very friendly, approachable, and chatty atmosphere where people can mingle, really feel comfortable, and relaxed. This pheromone is extremely good for getting to understand someone or just trying to make a connection.

Androstenol isn't a good pheromone if you want a sexual atmosphere between you and your date. It truly is much better at making a relaxed, comfy and youthful atmosphere. There is a lot fun and laughter but where is the sexual tension and where is the sexual excitement? There may be some. You will discover some but not as good as androstenone.

Androstenol is great for people which are opinionated, talkative, and pretty intimidating. This pheromone is known to generate a friendly aura allowing the people surrounding the user or wearer to feel more relaxed. This particular pheromone is extremely excellent for first impressions. It makes it possible for the user to flirt, chat, and lessens the awkwardness that people feel.

This are some of the reasons why this pheromone is known as the icebreaker pheromone. It is extremely very good at breaking the ice and letting people get to know each other. Don't put too much though. If there is no sexual tension happening, you can get stuck in the friend zone. This pheromone just doesn't solicit a lot of sexual response or tension.


Colognes And Other Items That I Recommend

Chikara - A very popular and widely bought cologne. It has lots of user feedback, reviews and testimonials in love-scent saying that it is very effective. I have tested it also and it works very well. I highly recommend it.

Scent Of Eros - It is one of the best pheromone colognes to use if you want a flirty, approachable, non-intimidating aura. It doesn't have androstenone which leads to less aggressiveness and negative reactions such as anger and irritability. This has been tested and experimented for a very long time now. It always produce good results when it comes to chatting and flirting with women.

Alter Ego - This item also contains all 3 popular pheromones. It has been around for years and always had good hits and results whenever I use it. One of the best products I know of and recommends it to anyone who wants to attract younger women.




Does This Stuff Really Works?

From experience, I believe that pheromones do work. I was able to notice the subtle effects of it. Although this can be up for debate. You can check out what other people are saying about pheromones.

"This product, combined with a good cover scent like APC or your favorite cologne, works very well for me. The APC has a sweet, clean scent and I'm often complemented on how good I smell. The Alpha-7, however, provides the kicker. I don't really know how pheromones work, but with all the pretty smiles and furtive glances at my jeans I don't care!"

- Jorge wrote about Alpha 7


"If you're looking for more sexual responses from women I'd say NPA is the one to wear. It doesn't smell too good on its own so I recommend wearing a good cover scent. A dab on each side of the neck and each wrist and that's enough for me. I then spray some cologne over it. Women get flirty and the guys get more respectful. I've worn it around a woman I've been involved with for a couple of years now and she's always more sexually aggressive when I wear some NPA. It's that simple."

Terrence wrote about NPA



Scientific Articles And Other Experiments

Here are excerpts from articles that were created by news corporations and other reputable sources.

"Study finds proof that humans react to pheromones"

"researchers at the University of Chicago say they have the first proof that humans produce and react to pheromones" - CNN

"Users of pheromones, but not of an inactive control substance, had increased frequency of informal dates, affectionate gestures, sleeping next to a romantic partner, foreplay, and sexual intercourse." - WEBMD

"A gene that could explain how humans pick up powerful chemical signals called pheromones may have been pinpointed for the first time." - BBC NEWS



Discounts, Combos, Bonus And Other Savings

If you are planning on buying multiple pheromone products then it is best to use these combos in order to save money. These savings and discounts will not last forever so act now or act fast.

1. Chikara Unscented And Alpha 7

2. NPA and APC

3. Alpha 7 + SOE

4. Chikara And The Edge Trust

5. Chikara And SOE




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Testimonials & Reviews from Love-Scent

Mark wrote about SOE:

"I love the smell of this stuff. It doesn't seem to give the over the top, blatant hits of some of the other products here. If you want something that works very well as a 'social lubricant' to make people more friendly and open, this is the perfect product for that. Did I mention the great way it smells?"


AJ wrote:

"I used Chikara a few times now and it really works mostly with younger women, I had to pop into my local store for a few grocerys and was wearing it the attention i got was great loads of hits, I was really Sceptical about this at first but it was worth every penny."


Andres wrote about Alter Ego:

"Awesome stuff, seriously works, so many hits... so little time. Really tho, check it out!"




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